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Efficient Oral Surgical Treatments

When a tooth is severely infected beyond repair, it must be quickly extracted using our surgical treatments. An infected tooth can result in constant pain, discomfort, and jaw pain that can be traumatic.


In such a scenario, you can always count on our experienced dentists to help you with painless tooth extraction procedures. Get in touch with Jeffrey L. Schimp D.D.S of Portage, MI. to learn more.

Keep dental diseases at bay

Consult a dentist immediately once you learn that your tooth is infected. Delay in consulting can spread the infection and damage other good teeth. Our dentists can quickly get rid of your diseased teeth through safe tooth extraction procedure and ensure that your remaining teeth are healthy.

Full range of oral surgical treatments

•  Wisdom teeth

•  Dental implants

•  Mouth reconstruction

•  Trauma

•  Safe and effective treatment

•  Oral treatment

Common reasons for tooth extractions

A surgical intervention may be necessary when the diseased or infected tooth cannot be treated with medicines. Tooth extraction is performed for wisdom teeth, trauma, tooth infection, cracked teeth, significant decay, and periodontal diseases. Call our friendly dentists at 269-344-0406 to learn more about our safe tooth extraction procedures.

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