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Dependable Endodontic Care

Endodontic care involves the study and treatment of dental pulp. These treatments are performed when there is nerve damage. The most common way to treat this problem is either tooth extraction or root canal therapy.


Root canal therapy is performed to save the natural teeth from getting damaged further. However, if the tooth is severely damaged, a tooth extraction procedure is performed.

Fast and painless root canal therapy

Worried about the pain involved during root canal treatments? Not to worry, we're ready to assist. You'll be delighted to learn that root canal therapy is fast and painless. Patients are administered local anesthesia that will ensure a hassle-free and painless procedure.

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Common reasons for tooth extractions

A surgical intervention may be necessary when the diseased or infected tooth cannot be treated with medicines. Tooth extraction is performed for wisdom teeth, trauma, tooth infection, cracked teeth, significant decay, and periodontal diseases.



Some bleeding is normal after any extraction. Bite on gauze pad for 15 minutes. If bleeding has not subsided, use a fresh pad for an additional fifteen minutes. Repeat if necessary


Some swelling may be noticed. Do not be alarmed by this normal reaction. Apply ice bag for a ten minute interval. Remove for ten minutes. Repeat until swelling is relieved.


Some discomfort may be experienced following oral surgical procedures. For mild to average pain, use any nonaspirin type of medication. Repeat as necessary


Soft food is desirable. Avoid very hot, cold or spicy liquids. Avoid getting particles of food into empty space. Avoid actions such as smoking or using a straw.


Do not rinse mouth. Tomorrow use salt solution (one teaspoon of salt dissolved in a glass of warm water) every three hours to cleanse the affected area.

Remember to call promptly in case of severe pain, excessive bleeding or any unusual development.